Part 2: The Creative Business Plan

Business and Location

On completion of my reflective process of myself as an entrepreneur, it was time to conduct some research into industry experts and to plan my own creative venture. At this point, I narrowed down my idea from a general design services business to a specialist brand identity company. Having narrowing my companies service to a brand identity specialist, I now feel it will help to attract clients by offering expertise in brand consultancy.

As Navan in Co. Meath has no brand identity specialist, I have decided to locate the company there. Navan is a growth town with a population of 29,8225. According to, Co. Meath has had a 13% increase in population in a five-year span. This growth is expected to continue to grow steadily providing a great opportunity for start-up companies. The most relevant element of the CSO website in assisting my research was that it provided a greater insight into the people and location.

This video from Meath County Council was a key influencing factor in helping me to decide on Navan as a viable location for my business.

Unfortunately, I did encounter a difficulties in my attempt to uncover how many businesses are located in Navan, which would have been useful to my research. If I were to continue to push forward this business in the future, I would be able to put more time into primary research of local businesses within Navan to discover the exact amount that would use brand identity services.

Who are the experts in brand identity?

Globally, some of the largest names in brand identity are Pentagram, Landor and Meta Design. These companies are responsible for many of the brands that are recognised worldwide today from Nike to Coca-Cola to Volkswagen. These are big-time companies that have set up base in large cities such as San Franciso and London. My personal preference is Landor. They have a simple but impactful website that highlights their strong portfolio.

Image 1: Landor Website

In terms of Ireland’s standout brand identity companies, the larger, established competitors all were located in Dublin. The two businesses that largely stood out to me were Creative Inc and Red Dog. Having analysed many different websites, I felt that Red Dog in particular had a very effective site. It is dynamic, attractively designed, provides good use of monochromatic to colour rollovers and it presents the vast amount of brands they have worked on. If I were to develop this business further in the future, I would want to build a site that incorporates this design style. See the video below for a run through of the website.

So, what makes a good business plan?

After looking up many different sites and videos, I found this clip that goes through the basics solely through graphics. I feel that this method of learning works much better for me personally in comparison to reading pages and pages of text. By conducting research to assist me in writing this plan, I was made aware that it is advisable even for freelance graphic designers to create their own business plan. This is a path I have been considering for life after college to help my improve my portfolio and gain experience with clients. On completion of this course, I aim to create a business plan for myself as a freelance designer.

Image 1: 



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