Part 3: Graphic Spark & Brand Identity

For my business plan, I wanted to create a company that specialises in Brand Identity. As I recognised that there were no specialist companies in my hometown of Navan, I felt this location was suitable. I then came up with the name Graphic Spark.

The main aim of the company is to provide attractive, personalised brands at competitive prices. While researching business name registration, I discovered the website. Previously, I wasn’t aware before of how easy it is to register a companies name online. This knowledge will be very useful after I have graduated if I do go down the route of creating a company or even in listing a business name for myself as a freelance designer.


As my company consists of brand identity, I felt that it was necessary to create a strong, impactful logo. On reflection, I would say that this logo would definitely need more work if I were to actually push this idea forward as a business. Building a brand identity takes a far longer time than I had available to design the logo for this project. For the future, this is something that I will come back to and re-evaluate for my design portfolio.

Local Competitors

From my research, I found that there are three competitors in the Meath area that would be the largest competition for Graphic Spark. These are Panda Creative, BrandDesigns and Costello Print. The stand out company for me is Panda Creative. They are a start up company but they provide services that closely resemble Graphic Sparks.


As I am completely new to developing a business idea, or plan for that matter, I decided at this point it would be great to speak to someone going through the process of starting up a graphic design company in my area. I enlisted the help of Barbara in Panda Creative. Barbara’s company is located in Clonee, Co. Meath which is around thirty minutes from Graphic Spark, and they also provide brand identity as a service.


I found Barbara to be very helpful and it was great to get an insight into a local start-up in a similar field. This provided me with the best information possible to write my own business plan. Having discussed the services, employees and general pricing issues with Panda Creative, I significantly improved my knowledge of the process behind operating a Graphic Design business.

Barbara did recommend contacting companies in my area for a quote, but this was something I was uncomfortable doing for a hypothetical plan. From experience, I have found that design companies generally do not like talking about prices unless you are a genuine potential client. If I ever do create my own business, I would most definitely take Barbara’s advice and ring local companies.

What makes Graphic Spark stand apart from the crowd?

Upon completion of primary and secondary research of local Meath competitors, I spent some time contemplating what would make clients choose Graphic Spark over its competitors.

  1. Graphic Spark is located in Navan town. The likeability of businesses turning to a service within five minutes of their own location over the competitors discussed is greatly increased. This location makes it easier for clients to physically visit the design studio to attend consultations and meetings.
  2. Brand identity is its sole focus, not a supplementary service.

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