Part 5: Reflection on Writing the Plan

Through the course of writing the business plan, I have come to understand many different aspects of entrepreneurship that I was previously unacquainted with. For me, the most useful aspect of writing the business plan was that it gave me a greater understanding of how to advertise myself as an excellent worker and show off my entrepreneurial qualities. I now feel that I have a better understanding of the types of skills that an employer or investor would look for. I also have learned the best way to counteract your weaknesses is to discuss the weaknesses that you are working to overcome, which is very useful advice for an interview situation. I found this quote from Jonkman quite inspirational, and I will try to keep it in mind.

Fight your fears and you’ll be in battle forever.

Face your fears and you’ll be free forever.

— Lucas Jonkman

Another important element that resulted from writing this plan was the possibility to explore the brand identity industry in greater detail. I have learnt some useful information about key competitors in the Meath area such as Brand Designs and Panda Creative. Having an awareness of competitors will be helpful for me finding future work regardless of whether I choose to begin a career as an entrepreneur or not. The process of writing this plan, although not strictly related to entrepreneurship, genuinely helped me to market myself better. I have recently created a Jobbio job seekers page as seen below. I feel the quality of what I have written has been increased by a greater awareness of what competitors look for in employees.


Jobbio Profile


Personally, I feel the most difficult aspect of writing this plan was the financial and investment section. Business and maths have never been my strengths so I have put in a lot of research to determine the investment I would need and to estimate the budget. I did find it was a struggle to get information from competitors about how they price design jobs and an estimate of their turnover. This could be explained by the fact that the vast majority of design companies do not provide their prices until the first consultation has occurred.

Having written this plan I have considered the suitability of myself as an entrepreneur and weighed both the advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship as a potential career path.  I believe I am closer on the path to consider entrepreneurship as a career further down the line and I feel like I now have a greater awareness of what it takes to start a company. If I were to write this plan for a factual company, something I would change would be that I would invest in assistance in the financial side of the business to ensure that budgets were accurate as I have had no formal training with this.

My Plan For Life After College

For the future, I feel that entrepreneurship is definitely a career path I will keep in mind. It is not something that I feel I am ready for right now purely due to my lack of real world experience. My current goal is to keep adding to my Behance portfolio, as seen below, and to continue applying for jobs as a brand identity designer.







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